Giuseppe’s Story

Hi friends, my name is Giuseppe Borrelli and along with God and my friends we are creating, a place where you can start your journey to learn how to love yourself and others. You may be wondering what qualifies me to help create a such a site. My story like so many others has been challenging and filled with heartache, disease, addiction, lies and secrets. How I found my way out of that darkness and back into the light is why we are creating for those who need information and guidance to set themselves free from the the self created hell we build for ourselves.

As a child I experienced panic attacks and major anxiety that I tried to keep hidden from my family in fear of upsetting anyone. At 13 years old I developed this horrible skin disease that took decades to heal. In order to keep the peace in my family I created this “perfect son” character. To the outside world it looked like I didn’t have a care in the world, although this was as far from the truth as possible. A few years later I was introduced to the prescription medicine called Xanax. This drug made me feel like I been wanting to feel for years. I spent the next 23 years addicted to it. After I had exhausted all the avenues to obtain this drug my life exploded.

Trying to come off Xanax was hell on earth. I experienced seizures, hospitalizations, suicide attempts, numerous rehabs, and homelessness. During this time I was also running my own business into the ground and had to declare bankruptcy. While all of this was occurring I was also in the closet and terrified to come out as gay. It wasn’t until I was 55 years old that I found the courage to come out.

I will be making videos to fill in all the blanks in my story. How I ended my addiction and how I walked through all my fears, and finally learned how to let God into my heart.

Then after all that, I experienced tremendous heartache. In the course of 7 years I lost my beloved Mother, then two years later my twin brother, then in 2019, my Father also passed away.

All of these experiences were for my own evolution. To survive these extremely challenging experiences reveals to us who we are and also what we need to learn in order to move forward with love and not hate. We all are on this planet to evolve into our authentic selves and to finally be at peace with ourselves.

On there will be many avenues to explore in order to start to respect and love ourselves and others. On the coming soon page I will discuss all the topics and all the information needed to start to understand that no matter where you are in your life right now there is a way to peace and happiness.

Shortly after my Father passed away this planet was hit by this global pandemic. I used this challenging time for introspection and to further heal myself. I prayed I would hear God’s plan for me, he has a plan for all of us and it’s usually the opposite of what we want for ourselves. I knew on some level that all my suffering could not have been in vain. Then this idea for came from Heaven. To create a site for everyone who is suffering with some of the issues and fears that I have experienced. A safe place where we all can find solutions to whatever is stopping us from being free and happy and content with who we are. To be of service to all who are suffering. This is why this site exists.

Please continue on to read the mission statement which further explains why was created.

Thank you and God bless all of you, Giuseppe.